Las Vegas Souvenir Scarf

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The Las Vegas Souvenir Scarf has arrived! I'm so pleased with how these turned out, and haven't stopped wearing mine! I've recently changed the base fabric that my scarves are printed on, so they sit a little bit differently now. They're lovely and soft and drape really nicely. There are just 2 left in the Etsy store if you'd like to nab one. 

Easter Celebrations

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Happy Easter! We spent a few days in the Hunter Valley with family and overdoing it on the hot cross buns! We had our annual family Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard, complete with random bags and containers for egg collection. We always forget to plan what we'll collect our chocolate eggs in (no cute Easter baskets here) so it's a mad scramble moments before it starts to find something to stash them in! Last year it was a washing basket, so I think we've upgraded slightly with the IKEA carry bag. We met some friendly animals around the neighbourhood, and patted several dogs over fences on our strolls.

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A little bit of country exploring, visiting the cows along the riverbank while walking our dog, and finding some buildings in other suburbs that I'd never seen in all the years I'd lived in the area.

Josh and I also learned that it's probably best to pack our bags together from now on, so we don't end up in completely matching outfits like we did on Saturday. Double denim polka dot, who'd have thought that would be the day! 

Hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some time off!

Melbourne City Dome

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Since our feature in Inside Out magazine back in February, we've had countless requests for a Melbourne City Dome. We decided to get onto it, and here it is! Featuring Flinders Street Station, the Royal Exhibition Building, trams, the MCG and Federation Square - as well as a little sliver of the Yarra! They're available in our Etsy store now.

It's been a huge weekend of packing orders full of City Domes. I'm preparing for the look on my lovely post office lady's face when I turn up with my giant bundle of orders to send out! Thanks for all of the support of our endeavours!