Sydney's Best Desserts for Expedia


During the many years I've lived in Sydney, I've developed quite a list of desserts worth eating (and in all honesty, the thighs to prove it). I've called on their services on many occasions - from the time I bought a whole dessert pie to bring to a family dinner because the cake I was supposed to be making was nothing short of a disaster, to testing the limits of an insulated gelato tub on a trip from Sydney to the Hunter Valley. For what it's worth, a 4 hour drive is a little too long to expect your gelato to stay frozen... 


We've put together a McKean Studio endorsed Listopedia of our sweet treat hot-spots over on Expedia. It's a mixture of our favourite spots for something special (like the Popcorn Gaytime at Opera Bay), our guilty pleasure for weekend Netflix watching (a tub of the good stuff from Gelato Messina) and picnic favourites (the Brewnuts from Brewtown Newtown are always winners!).

Pop over to Expedia and read the full article. And tell us, did we miss anywhere amazing? My theory is that just like there's ALWAYS room for more dessert, there's always more places worth a visit!