Last one! Las Vegas Silk Souvenir Scarf

Last one! Las Vegas Silk Souvenir Scarf


Viva, Las Vegas! The bright lights of sin-city are captured in scarf form! A blend of vintage hotels and newer features line two sides of the famous strip. A reversible design, the scarf can be flipped upside down to view the other side of the strip - so you'll always get a different piece of the action! 

Hand drawn in ink and digitally coloured by Megan McKean, digitally printed onto a luxurious silk twill - so fancy! Scarves measure approximately 90cm x 90cm, and are hand sewn with a rolled hem. They're the perfect size for wearing around your neck, tying around your head, or even hanging on your wall.

Your scarf will be sent to you wrapped in tissue paper. Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

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