Sydney Mini City

Sydney Mini City


We love our harbourside city, in all of it's sparkly golden glory! Paying homage Sydney in miniature form, and celebrating some of it's incredible features. The much loved Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the golden Centrepoint Tower (or Sydney Tower Eye), the green bottomed ferries, sunny sailboats and cheeky seagulls. Some of our favourite features of one of our favourite spots!

Comprised of 7 pieces, this miniature model set can be arranged and displayed in an assortment of ways. Perfect for the mantelpiece, the windowsill, the nook in the bookshelf, or even on your work desk to get you dreaming of a sunny Sydney holiday. Every piece in The Mini City: Sydney is handmade and hand painted by Joshua & Megan McKean at McKean Studio.

Items will be wrapped in tissue paper, gift boxed and sent to you within a mailing box.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a miniature model set. The Centrepoint Tower piece measures a little under 11cm in height, the harbour bridge at 4cm in the centre. Each item is hand made, therefore there can sometimes be the occasional wobbly line or visible brushstroke - it all adds to the charm!

If you're stuck on ideas on how to display your new Mini City, you can try the matching shelf, designed especially to show off the Mini Cities! See our City Skyline Shelf, a beautiful walnut colour, and handmade to work perfectly with each Mini City set.

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