Travel Treasures


I’ve just come back from a 2 week whirlwind solo trip to New York and Paris. While i’m still shaking off the jet-lag, I’m making myself feel better by sorting through my souvenirs I collected while overseas.

I never purchase a great deal while I’m travelling, mostly because I only ever take carry-on luggage and every ounce counts when it comes to those pesky weight limits (honestly, the embarrassment of having to do the luggage reshuffle at the check-in counter because you refuse to check your bag is a particular feeling I don’t want to repeat in a hurry!). The items I do end up with are usually tiny trinkets or paper pieces that can be stashed in the suitcase or handbag to be discovered all over again when I’m home.
In New York, I visited the Glossier flagship store to pick up some of the much loved Boy Brow and Cloud Paint. The same morning I’d stopped into Sephora to get a mini tube of concealer for my very jet-lag laden bags under my eyes. I found pair of tiny pearl studs at the Brooklyn Flea market, and a diner map for Joshua from Strand books. On our last visit to NYC together we made a point of trying a different diner most of the days we were in town, and hopefully this map will give us some more recommendations to get to next time! The best find of the trip was the beautiful green marble lighter — I’m very much a non-smoker, but plan to use it for lighting fancy candles at home.

In Paris, most of my spare coins were spent on croissants (no regrets); I didn’t do very much shopping but did visit several museums. Visiting the Picasso Museum and the YSL Museum were both amazing experiences and I left in awe of how much creativity and talent can exist in a single individual! The other purchases I made in Paris were at the famed Flea Market; a sweet gingham handkerchief embroidered with my initials, MM — such a lucky find! — and a shiny gold signet ring with a dainty crystal star inset to the middle.

What souvenirs do you like to collect when you travel?

Megan McKeanComment