Souvenir Scarves

 photo P3140144_zps56d736a0.jpg photo nyc_scarf_megan_zps4415a38f.jpg photo sanfran_scarf_headband_zpsa6b9a120.jpg photo amsterdam_scarf_tin_zps41eacbd2.jpg photo amsterdam_scarf_worn_zps61c217d7.jpg
There are some new items in the Etsy store, the result of the work of the last month or so. We've been crafting a 'City Series' of souvenir scarves, beautiful digitally printed silk-cotton scarves to wear on your person or hang on your wall - the possibilities are endless.
Inspired by our travels (and a severe lack of well designed souvenir pieces, in my humble opinion) each scarf reflects a different city and it's unique qualities. The pastels, sea lions and cable cars of San Francisco. The canals, bicycles and tulips of Amsterdam. The colours, buildings and city life of New York. It's been a lot of fun to work on a passion project and see it through!
I'm thrilled with how they've turned out, the print quality is fantastic and feels lovely to wear. They're also a perfect size for wearing around your neck or on your head (if you're as much into wearing head scarves as I am, you'll know this is a very good thing indeed!). If you're interested in nabbing one, as we currently only have a couple of each, you can head to