National Geographic Found

People enjoying the Gellert Bath, an outdoor swimming pool on the banks of the Danube, January 1930.Photograph by Hans Hildenbrand, National GeographicA cowgirl puts a nickel in an El Paso parking meter to hitch her pony, October 1939.Photograph by Luis Marden, National GeographicClub members on the ocean front are shaded by decorative parasols, 1930.Photograph by Clifton R. Adams, National GeographicA girl feeds her pet bear in Riggins, Idaho.Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams, National Geographic
I love a good archive find, and these photos from National Geographic take the cake. To celebrate National Geographic's 125th birthday they've created a curated collection of photos, many of which have never been published or seen before. I've been using some of them for new backgrounds on my computer, and thinking about what it would have been like to have owned a pet bear, or have to pay for pony-parking. Go and have a dig through the photos yourself at Found.