Colourful City Illustrations

I love how different cities around the world have their own very own unique feeling and atmosphere. I've got a bit of a travel obsession (if you couldn't tell already) always dreaming and scheming of the next place we can visit and how we can afford to get there. This is what inspired my most recent series of illustrations I've been working on over the last month that I

mentioned last week

. I know we're not going anywhere for the next few months at least, so I've been channeling my wanderlust into new things! I've been drawing the pieces freehand onto an A2 sheet, inking the line work, scanning into the computer and colouring digitally. It's been as much a passion project as it has been a learning curve, teaching myself to master that pesky Wacom tablet and use the stylus like a normal pen or paintbrush. I think it was when I finished off NYC that I finally felt like I had it under control - cutting out all those windows gave my fine motor skills (and hand-eye coordination) a real work out!

 photo sanfran_blog_zps03e7750f.jpg
 photo amsterdam_blog_zps37e0b326.jpg
 photo nyc_blog_zps5d41588c.jpg