Sydney to Melbourne and Back Again

 photo P2229978_zpsf4d80ff7.jpg photo P2220002_zps05e24d62.jpg photo P2229965_zps4a64b650.jpg photo P2220008_zps225b145d.jpg photo P2240030_zps886734fc.jpg photo P2240054_zps4685d488.jpg We're back home in Sydney again, and judging by the water that managed to seep into our bedroom and soaked our bedding, we apparently missed a weekend of very wild weather! I was hoping Melbourne would be chilly and I'd have an excuse to wear a coat, but we managed to time our visit with temperatures in the 30's. No coats required! We spent Friday wandering, window shopping and trying to avoid sunburn, with a walk later in the afternoon into the CBD for some shopping, and Italian for dinner on Lygon Street. It was a bit of a whirlwind city visit, but we were glad we squeezed it in. Saturday we headed to Daylesford for a quick peek, and then on to Deniliquin for a family celebration with Joshua's relatives. We headed back to Sydney on Sunday morning, hoping to be back home in 7 hours, but ridiculous weather that seemed to jump out of nowhere and consequent traffic delays stretched it out to 9.5 hours. Arriving back home has never felt so good!