New Years Family Holiday

We're making the most of this new-years holiday season and heading north for a couple of days of coastal relaxation. We're spending a few days in Port Macquarie with my family (All of us! All 3 brothers! For the first time in years!) at my favourite pink motel that I've become so fond of over the years. I started packing this morning and noticed how well I'll match my pink surroundings.

The last time we visited was 2 years ago, Joshua and I were newly engaged and we spent most of the time trying to get a jump start on wedding planning. My older brother has recently become engaged himself, maybe we're setting some strange bi-annual engagement holiday? I'm so looking forward to quality time with my mum, brothers and Joshua, some down time to get some reading done (I feel like the last person in the world to have not read Frankie's Issue 50) and a couple of visits with friends along the way.

Hope you're relaxing wherever you are!