Confetti Gift Wrap

I've been really into confetti and coloured stripes lately. It's not particularly Christmas-y but it is fun! I made the most of all my sick days at home and spent a good few hours wrapping presents for our families. Chopping tissue paper into teeny-tiny pieces is strangely therapeutic! If you're looking to DIY something yourself in a similar fashion, all it took was: white gift wrap, sheets of clear cellophane, and whatever confetti you can get your hands on. Lay out your sheet of cellophane, sprinkle with the confetti so it's evenly placed, and then cover with the white paper and wrap as normal, holding onto both sheets of the gift wrap as you go. It felt a little backwards initially, but after the first couple of turns you get the hang of it! It's bound to wreak havoc on the floors come Christmas morning (sorry Mum), but they look pretty sitting in our lounge room for the time being.