Scultpure by the Sea 2012

Last weekend Megan's mum Julie came down to Sydney to see Sculpture by the Sea. So did half of Sydney apparently, making for a crowded but enjoyable day of looking at some impressive artworks, checking out the amazing views and dodging other people's photos.

Channelling a little bit of Clement Meadmore here, my second favourite sculptor.

This was another of my favourites, I think the artist did an amazing job of making the stone look just like the waves in the water. The way the light reflects off the polished top definitely gives some movement to a very still piece of stone. 

Julie said the ribbon tent was her favourite. Unfortunately we forgot to get any details of it to vote in the People's Choice.

Even though the weather was pretty gloomy, the rain held off so we still had a nice time and at least we avoided any sunburn!