Field Guides & Compendiums for the Curious Traveller

I've finally finished my major project for this semester, and more importantly, uni altogether! The last three months have been quite testing and while I'm glad to have them behind me, there were some very enjoyable parts in there too! It was nice to have the luxury of being able to sit at home and draw and paint for days on end, but there were other days where I felt so stressed and time poor that showering didn't really happen.

40+ illustrations and hundreds of computer hours later, here it is.
Field Guides and Compendiums for the Curious Traveller: Mammals of Australia.

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Field Guides and Compendiums for the Curious Traveller: Mammals of Australia serves as an introductory guide kit, for the tourist seeking an Australian souvenir that doesn't involve plushy koalas. 

An illustrated hardcover book detailing 20 different mammals and their unique qualities serves as an educational resource for those wanting to learn more about Australian fauna. The compendium is inclusive of postcards, stickers, a pencil and a journal - to encourage the user to not only read about the animals, but engage with them on a sensory level, preserving an entire memory of a trip and providing a memento to keep for years to come.