Finders Keepers Blog Crush

The nice people at The Finders Keepers were kind enough to feature as us their 'Blog Crush'. You can read up on what our favourite blogs are, and how we usually balance out our blogging routines here at McKean Studio. Thanks, ladies! If you're reading our humble little blog now as a result of this feature, welcome! 

We had one kind and concerned reader leave a comment about our visiting cat, and wanted to post an update on what we know about her now! She apparently lives next door to our apartment complex but isn't given as much love and attention as she needs. Bizarrely, we live next door to the Boyd family, who own an enormous vine covered mansion with security cameras and lots of comings and goings. We think the poor little cat just gets forgotten sometimes! Another fellow in our block has taken her under his wing, and feeds her special dishes when he's feeding the two cats of his own.