This Is New York

We all too often miss out on weekends around our house. It's rare for us to have days off that coincide, so this Saturday we took some time out and had a proper day off! We had brunch with friends at Cornersmith (too much hype to warrant a 50 minute wait for a table, in my humble opinion), Joshua had a haircut, I enjoyed a mid-afternoon lay down, and later in the evening we headed into the city to celebrate Matt's 21st birthday. We gifted him a copy of Miroslav Sasek's classic children's book 'This Is New York'. The illustrations are incredible, all in a perfect late 1950s style, and they capture everything about New York perfectly (despite a 50 year time difference now).  I bought it for myself a couple of months ago, and I think it's my all time favourite illustrated book - and what makes for a better birthday present than to force my love onto someone else! Photobucket