Design in the wild

Last Saturday was Matthew's birthday party in a terrific Surry Hills rooftop office.  Lots of cool kids, great food and beautifully labelled drinks, but what got me super excited was spotting one of Konstantin Grcic's Pallas tables in the conference room.

I first saw one of these in Grcic's book KGID where it was shot wonderfully contrasting with a highly decadent French interior. (Megan thinks this is all wrong but I think this image is genius)

I think it's pretty great, beautifully minimalist like a lot of his early work, but still quite an imposing presence from its size and heft.  Amazing angles from the folded steel which also give it some impressive strength as shown in this pic with all the factory workers standing on it.  With eleven of them on there it must be supporting around 800-900kg!