Chair Tuesday: Pod

After last week's look at pressed PET I thought it would be interesting to see another example.  This time it's by a favourite designer of mine, Benjamin Hubert, whose work I have shown before on this blog.  The Pod chair was designed to create a small, personal space in larger break-out or public areas.

The large, all encompassing backrest shields out excess noise and visual distractions allowing the person sitting in it to better focus on the task at hand -- whether it be working, calling someone on the phone or just taking a nap.

I really like the way the construction and joining methods are exposed and celebrated in this design, not unlike a lot of Hubert's designs.  The soft texture of the felt works beautifully with the smooth timber, and the rounded edges give a friendly, playful feeling to the chair.

And to finish off is a short video showing some of the design and manufacture of the chair; I always find it interesting to see these "behind the scenes" process videos.