Chair Tuesday: Nobody

This fun chair is from the duo Komplot for Danish furniture company Hay.  The name "Nobody" apparently refers to the fact that looks like more of a cover draped over a chair than a chair by itself due to its manufacture & material.

 With its generously rounded corners and soft form make this chair look soft & fun and put them up there with the cutest chairs I've seen.  Even cuter when you add the "Little Nobody" children's seats.

I also love learning about the manufacturing processes and this chair provides an excellent example of what can be done with PET felt; heated and pressed into shape to create a surface that is the structure.

As a side note, when this chair was released in 2008 it was met with lots of critical acclaim and won numerous awards, but never sold well.  An interesting case in "good design" vs "good selling design".  Perhaps it was one of those designs that was interesting, innovative and by all measures a well thought out piece, but failed to properly understand their market.