Chair Tuesday: Yara Chair

As I was looking at chairs to decide what one to write about I realised that lots of the chairs I've been admiring lately have been comprised of upholstered seats with timber legs.

So, not surprisingly, here is a wonderful example of an upholstered chair with timber legs. The Yara chair by Stefan Westmeyer for Girsberger. 

I think its legs are really nice, splaying out like the struts on a sturdy tower. It does at first look a little top heavy, but it's definitely grown on me the more I study it.

I really like the joint between the leg and base, where the slit for the steel comes through all the way and the bolts are clearly visible, reinforcing the notion of strength and stability. Slightly industrial and brutalist but more than enough charm to make it elegant enough for the dining room. At least, that's where the manufacturer, Gisberger have positioned it, although I think it looks more suited to a desk or task space, maybe even a board room -- I'm not so sold on it being used around the dinner table.