Chair Tuesday: Fundamental Furniture

This set of modular chairs/lounges is made by Japanese designer Yosuke Kimura, and is probably the best example of modular furniture I've come across.  Too often in modular "mix & match" arrangements the pieces don't quite sit together properly enough and end up looking more like two chairs pushed up against each other than a sofa.

This "Fundamental Furniture" collection works so well because of the really well resolved simplicity of the individual pieces.  The chair, corner and ottoman are all beautifully minimal furniture examples by themselves, and if uni taught me anything it was that the more simple the design, the harder it is to get right.  The proportions of these pieces are spot on, and that's what makes it so successful as a whole, becoming more than the sum of its parts.  And also by then allowing the user to make the arrangement themselves it also incorporates a level of play and interaction not often seen in furniture.  Almost like a Lego set for grown-ups!