Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Our ceremony was probably the most surreal feeling we've ever experienced. It immediately felt like a distant memory, but at the same time felt like it was still happening, even when it wasn't. Weird, huh? It was definitely the happiest blur I can remember. I'd thought for sure that there would be lots of crying, but we mostly held it together. I choked up a little halfway through our vows, and Joshua looked a little glassy-eyed for most of the proceedings, but it was all very calm. All of our siblings were involved in the ceremony which was another really special part. We had Joshua's sister do a prayer, 2 of my brothers do readings, and my other brother sang and played the guitar while we signed the registry. We asked our mums to be our witnesses so they could have a special role in the day too.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketAfter the ceremony we had an ice cream van arrive at the park. This was one of the elements we planned the latest and on a whim, but it was something I spent the last few weeks looking forward to the most. We had kept it a surprise for most people, and I think there was a lot of confusion when it arrived. Whatever the reaction, it was perfectly adorable and all of our guests sure seemed to like it! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
We took family shots and bridal party shots while the rest of the guests were stocking up on soft serve (it really was a wonderful time filler) and heading to the reception. Given the reception hall and the ceremony location were only a few hundred metres apart, I'm super glad that we hired the icecream van - and can highly recommend it as an entertaining use of time! The park was wonderfully green that day (thanks to all that rain) and I think we all looked pretty fabulous! Hey hey?