Joshua's Birthday


Joshua turned 24 yesterday. We've been celebrating all week long with dinners and family visits - who doesn't love a birthday week!? We babysat for some friends on Thursday evening, then spent the night in the city. We enjoyed a massive breakfast, did some shopping, I begrudgingly allowed the purchase of one rap record, and then came back home for presents and mars bar cheesecake with friends. In lieu of proper candles, the cake was topped with 24 teeny little tape flags. On the present front, Joshua enjoys a nice cup of coffee of a morning, but he's been looking for something a little more fancy than the usual plunger type of deal. I wasn't too keen on a noisy machine, so the Presso seemed to be the perfect option. It uses no electricity, is apparently environmentally friendly, and is kind of sculptural looking. Joshua has been gazing at it non-stop since yesterday, so I think I did ok with my choosing. Happy birthday, Joshua! x