The Yearly Round-Up

The end of another year! Quite possibly the busiest one we've had to get through, but definitely one of the best! Here's a little blog-based recap of our favourite posts and projects from the year.
January - We spent summer days at the pool and had plenty of picnics
Photobucket February - Our engagement partyPhotobucket

March - Joshua crafted his twin-reflex cameraPhotobucket
April - I spent many hours making pretty books at uni
May - I turned 21 and we had a delicious brunch to celebrate
June - More uni projects, panoramic illustrated booksPhotobucket
July - Fancy lemon yogurt cakes and work/play datesPhotobucket
August - We booked our honeymoon away! Photobucket
September - We visited the David Jones Flower ShowPhotobucket
October - Joshua got to pick some fancy homegoodsPhotobucket
November - We shared our wedding invitations
December - We got hitched, visited a lot of family, drove in the car a whole heap and spent a few days in Melbourne
A big thank you for reading along for this past year. We hope you have a happy New Year and hopefully a restful break!
- Megan & Joshua
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