This Week

I've spent all of this week in the Hunter with my family. It's been wonderfully low-key and relaxing and I'm lazily ticking a few last minute jobs off my lists. There have been a few hiccups that are less than helpful, but I'm so thankful for how everything is panning out - consciously choosing that silver lining! Our car had a bit of a malfunction (the poor dear needs a whole new clutch put in it) so I wasn't able to drive back and collect Joshua from Sydney this week as planned. Annoying, but lucky that I didn't have an accident with the car while I was on the freeway or something horrible. A groom that arrives a day or two later is better than no groom at all, right?
I've been hanging out with my brothers and pottering about town with my mum and feeling so calm about this whole week. The local radio station has been doing special updates on the weather because people have been calling up and saying there's an 'important wedding on Friday' and they need to know if it will rain. So cute! Cross your fingers and toes and anything else you can - hopefully we'll have used up all our bad luck and Friday will be perfect!