Wildflowers of NSW

Photobucket We're terribly sorry for how quiet things have been around here lately. We've had a whirlwind week and this has left little time for blogging! Joshua and I have found a lovely little place to move into together (most of the emphasis being on 'little') so we've been signing leases and buying furniture pieces and shifting lots of things! It's all very exciting - and time consuming - but hopefully we'll be back in a blogging groove soon! Last week we were doing some furniture sourcing for our new home, and I came across this beauty. I just about ripped it off the wall in all my excitement, and it was the first thing I made a space for in our new place. It's really the only thing I've been able to snap a photo of - all our other items are waiting to be filled with our books and knick knacks, but when it's all set we'll be sure to share some photos!
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