Polygon Double Deer

I've always enjoyed mounted taxidermy animals like deer/moose/elk heads.  Megan does too, but I'm not naive enough to recognise that they don't sit right with everybody.  My sister for one, can't look at taxidermy because it freaks her out.

This sculpture by Japanese artist Kohei Nawa is perhaps a modern, politically correct version of a mounted trophy piece.  Whilst lots of faux deer heads are out there, ranging from (creepily) pretty realistic to obviously fake modern takes, this is the first one that has made me stop & picture it on a wall of mine.

I'm not sure exactly what Nawa is trying to say with this piece, but my take is something about the digitalisation of the world and the way that we copy nature for most great engineering & design ideas.

In any case I enjoy the colour & texture of it and the contrast between the polygon mapped and the "realistic" deer heads.