Sundays Away

We had a wonderful Sunday visiting my family this weekend. Visits are usually short and sweet, but lovely weather and fine company makes the long drive a little more bearable. We did an early morning drive out to the area our wedding will be happening at, and Joshua and James did some prepping so I could visualise how it will all look. Aren't they the sweetest? It's looking particularly green and lush there at the moment, though I'm sure that in 3 short months it will be considerably drier. We squeezed in a visit to the art gallery (though I'm not really meant to share specific pictures from there) and no matter how many times we go there the giant peg board is still our favourite. We had a party to celebrate yet another birthday, read junk mail on the front verandah and watched a cousin ride a petrol-motored bicycle into a fence. I didn't know bike wheels could bend to such bizarre angles!