Father's Day

For those of you reading this and panicking, thinking you've got the dates wrong or that you'd forgotten Father's day, don't worry because you still have another week to go.  I'm just doing it a bit early because my Dad is in town today so I have the chance to give him his card in person.  So I guess you could think of this as a reminder to get your own father something for next weekend.

Over the last few weeks in one of my classes we've been exploring interesting pop-up folding shapes, so I figured father's day would be a great opportunity to use one of them in a card.  I used one of the templates given to us in class and stretched it out a bit to fit an A5 card.

I then wrote the obligatory "Happy Father's Day" inside and coloured it a little bit to give it some life and make it a little easier to follow the words.  Unfortunately the text didn't flow nearly as well as I thought it would and it looks pretty dis-jointed, but my Dad's pretty good at reading so I'm sure he'll understand.