Chair Tuesday: Sputnik Stool

When I first saw the Sputnik stool, I wasn't amazed by it.  It seemed like any other three legged stool; it looked pretty, sure, but it wasn't anything special.  But then, on closer inspection, I started to notice the lovely details.
The joins between the legs and the seat are really quite beautiful, how they are extruded all the through to the top instead of being hidden underneath. The cross-section of the legs is also really nicely refined, how the outside curve follows the radius of the stool and is complemented by the rounded inside corner, like a smoothed piece of cornice.

But the feature that got me and won me over completely was the bent steel bracket winding its way down the middle.  Maybe it's just because I'm rediscovering my love for bent metal rod, but I think the bracket is great.  It not only provides important structural stability to the stool, it also gives three height options for where to put your legs.  A small problem in the scheme of things, but often when sitting on a stool I find the cross bar isn't really at the height I'm after, or that I'm getting uncomfortable and want to switch up my stance.  As one of my lecturers would say, it's a wonderful example of "emphatic design" where the designer has truly understood the needs and wants of the end user.

Designed by Roger Arquer for Zilio A&C.
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