I'm a big fan of a written invitation. Facebook invitations break my heart a tiny bit, I think it's just so nice to get something cheery in the mail, to pop the invitation on the fridge and have something pretty to look at for a few weeks before the event. I made invitations for my own birthday - a painstaking Saturday with mathematical equations and a stanley knife, and took due care to send them off safely to their recipients. A couple of days later I started getting some messages from intended guests asking what I had been trying to send them. Shredded envelopes had been turning up in letterboxes, and with no invite, or invitations in clear wrappers and labels stating there may have been a problem. Weird, hey? Julie Baby got onto the case and contacted Australia Post - apparently a mail sorting machine had experienced some troubles and chewed up my invitations. Bother. Maybe a Facebook message would have been the better option after all!