Chair Tuesday: Panton

This post is devoted not only to the original Panton chair of the 60s, but also the numerous remakes and "interpretations" I keep seeing.

The original fibreglass chair is one of my favourites; a beautiful looking sweeping curve of a chair.  When plastic technology caught up with the technology and a PP version was made, I think it reached its pinnacle.

Not everyone did though.

Various designers and copycat manufacturers have put their spin on the classic for artistic license or profit. These are some of my favourites.

The pixel chair by United Nude which is more a concept than a real chair, but I think it is a real modern tribute to the original and is a quite nice update.

This wooden interpretation is also pretty cool, by Peter Jakubik.  A nice fun contrast to the highly manufactured injection moulded plastic.

And finally, this one that I saw walking past a discount furniture store.  A wicker Panton.  The combination of a chair I love with a material I really don't.  I was so horrified I walked past again and took a picture to share.