Last week after a dinner with Joshua and 'the boys', we were heading back along King Street in Newtown when we walked past a group of very cool gentlemen. You know the types, with their perfect hair that was just that little bit rockabilly, their pants rolled to the perfect length, and their perfectly pristine little sneakers that coordinated with the pinstripe on their button-up as if they'd Pantone Matched prior to manufacture. It should also be stated that these were their working outfits. It looked like they had been doing some sort of shop fit-out for a store that must have been opening soon. There was an audible jealousy from our side of things, with a 'Maaaan, why can't we be that cool?
On my walk to work this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see the store was open for business. It's now a World Famous Hawleywood's Barbershop. I'm all for men having a place to hang out on their own. I don't like pubs, and I think sheds are a little bit scary. Barbers, on the other hand, are awesome. I've always kind of liked barbers - possibly for the men's only exclusivity, maybe because there's lots of red and white, or maybe because most lady hairdressers freak me out. Whatever the reason, I like 'em.
Hawleywood's makes getting a haircut look like the coolest thing you could ever do. Anything coming from California is alright in my books, and anything that makes men look a little sharper is always a good thing. I'm officially retiring from my terribly attempts at hairdressing Joshua, and sending him to Hawleywoods. A little part of me is devastated that I'm not allowed to pop in for a trim, but if ladies are allowed special gyms, I think we can let the boys have their barber.

Enjoy Mister Hawley showing you how it's done. California, here we come.