Feeling Flat

Our trip back to Sydney was a little less cheerful than we would have liked. We got a flat tyre on the freeway, right on the dot of 'everywhere you could possibly go to get that fixed is now closed' pm. Bother. We (Joshua) had to pop on the awkward, bright yellow 'space saver' tyre, which is all sorts of degrading, and crawl along the road at an embarrassingly slow 80km. The cars behind us were less than impressed. We were both a little cranky, but mostly me because I'd also gotten a little too much sun that day. Check out the burn!
On the plus side, the wedding was lovely and we got to catch up with some friends who we haven't seen for a terribly long time. Julie Baby also had a giant collection of Golden Books for me to take back to my nest, as well as engagement gifts (hello, pie dish!) and various odds and ends. Always nice to come home with new treasures! I'll make a note to share some of them one of these days when I've a little more time...