Chair Tuesday: Side Chair S33

At first look you may think this is the work of the most famous bent-steel chair designer Marcel Breuer, but in actual fact this is by Danish Architect/Designer and Bauhaus teacher Mart Stam, whose bent-steel cantilever chair was the inspiration for the likes of Breuer and Mies van de Rohe.

Cantilever chairs are probably my favourite type.  I once heard a chair collector talk about how they're so magical because when you sit on them "you're sitting on air!" seeing as there are no legs underneath to support you.  I'm not so sure about his reasoning, but I do really like cantilever chairs.

The Side Chair S33 is from all the way back in 1926, and I think it's beautiful.  Pretty much the original cantilever design, (there was some debate over patents and copyrights for the "chair without back legs", but in 1932 artistic copyright was given to Stam) it opened up a whole new form to what was known of chairs.  Also using the relatively new technology of bent-steel, its simplicity and streamlining in form is quite lovely.  A classic example of why the Bauhaus is such a renowned school.