Tristan Getting Married

I'm a big fan of weddings. Friends getting married is all sorts of exciting. Saturday just gone we trekked out to Dubbo for Tristan and Clare's wedding. Held on Clare's parents property, with a wonderful white marquee and the most lush grass I've ever been on. Joshua and I were both asked to take some photos, but lacking a flash strong enough to reach the front of the marquee, most of my photos are a little dark.
Probably my favourite part of the little time away was getting to hang out with our friend Huw who lives in Canberra these days. I taught him (ridiculously) how to smile for a photo, reciting some naff statement I heard or read somewhere: "The secret to making your smile look fresh and not frozen is to look away from the camera and turn your head back just before the photo is taken." Huwey loved it - and made us re-take all photos that weren't posed for in the proper fashion.
It was strange weather - overcast and windy, but still glaringly sunny combined with icy cold. Most of the photos from the weekend are of people looking rather windswept and I spent a good portion of the day trying to keep my dress from flying over my head.
Congratulations, Tristan - little bummed that you're not my neighbour anymore, but super stoked that you and Clare are so in love. X
Megan McKean2 Comments