Finders Keepers tonight!

I feel like this round of markets has really snuck up on me! Kicking off tonight is the Christmas round of The Finders Keepers markets at Carriageworks. I'm quite keen to go and see all of the new and exciting stalls - and get to see them properly since I missed out on a good sticky beak last time.
I had the pleasure of meeting the very lovely Beth-Emily and Cat Rabbit yesterday, both having travelled from quite far places to be in Sydney this weekend for the markets. I suddenly went all shy and a little star struck. I think I managed to gush how much I loved their beautiful things, awkwardly, and told Beth that her gold shoes were particularly fun. They'll be sharing a stall together this Friday and Saturday - a definite 'go and check it out', and probably have a little chat too, given that they're super lovely.

Lisa from Lox+Savvy is launching The Paper Convention (hurrah!) and The Daily Smudge's Emily is also helping out. Oh, and Ebony from Hello Sandwich is doing a craft workshop via Skype on the Saturday. Talk about full to the brim with things to see and do!

There are some other recent friends who'll be there too - Melinda from Roger + Peach, Hayley and Lauri from Serpent and the Swan, Kelly from The Storybook Rabbit, Georgie and Milenka from TMOD (who will definitely be having an amazing stall, given the wood that's been painted and doors that have been scrounged), and of course all of the crew from Made590. You can see all of the stallholders on the FK website by clicking here. Fun fun fun!