Chair Tuesday: Chair One

I figure that given my lust for seating I should make a weekly tribute to some of the best. So where better to start that Konstantin Grcic's Chair One?

Available with either a swivel concrete base, four legs, a four legged swivel base and even as public seating, Chair One is very lovely in any form.
I think it looks best with the concrete base where it is a lovely solid contrast to the thin, wiry aluminium frame of the seat.
The skeletal frame is apparently quite comfortable to sit on, (which I have sadly not been able to try out here in Australia) though fitted cushions are available for the wary (or thin bummed).
Long have I loved the intricate simplicity of this chair, ever since I was given Grcic (pronounced "gear-chich") as a designer to study in first year Design Elements. Since then I've liked most of his creations, and would love to own a piece of Grcic once I earn enough...

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