Tune Tuesday

I'd like to firstly apologise for how quiet it's been around these parts. I've been having terrible problems with my internet connection which makes blogging rather troublesome. My mum rang me with a panicked sound in her voice saying "You haven't put anything on your blog since Tuesday! What's the deal?" and I felt shamed. Internets are a bother.
Consider this my humble apology for my lack of posting, I will endeavour to battle the internet to bring you delicious finds.
Given it's a Tuesday, a music clip is in order! Today's tasting comes from Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon working their way through 30 years of hip hop.
As the lady-friend of a young man with a penchant for rap/hip hop/all things ghetto, you'd think the novelty of white men thinking they're rappers would get old. It doesn't - and this video is just further entertainment. It's pretty good, it's just a shame they had to end on Empire State of Mind. Joshua thinks it's their way of pandering to a white audience and giving them what they want. He should know, after all.