I chopped off all my hair! The tired tresses were in need of a bit of a revamp, so I had them cut into a curly bob. It feels a little Sally Draper after her home-haircut crossed with Suri Cruise, but I'm hoping it will settle in soon enough. 
I very nearly cried at the hairdressers (despite having prepped myself for a week) and it's a bizarre sensation being able to touch the back of my neck with ease. I do like being able to shake my head and feel all my hairs move, and I expect my conditioner usage to decrease quite a lot.
The last time I cut my hair was at the tender age of 14 and it resulted in an afro-like triangle. Thank goodness the hairdresser this time around understood the importance of layering, and I understand the importance of researching a hair cut before going the chop.
I think the rather drastic change has turned me into some sort of mad woman. This morning, I cut my fringe on a whim. Wild, hey?

Mum, please don't be mad. It's even shorter at the back.