Things to be Thankful For

  • One of my very-besties returned from a faraway country safely and soundly. Pretty stoked to have her back and be able to spend some quality time with her tomorrow!
  • Holidays. Enough said really. No lectures or classes for two weeks. This will hopefully result in increased productivity coupled with sleep ins. We'll see how it goes. Holidays also mean some much needed family catch-up time, a well deserved break from animation computer programs and endless possibilities for all the things I can get done!
  • Op shop treasures. Finding things that make your heart sing, and make you wonder what crazy person would have discarded such wonderful items. Not to mention the prices so cheap it feels criminal. I'll show you my favourite thing I've discovered of late sometime in the next few days.
  • New clothes. We're getting all sorts of fantastic things in at work at the moment, some of which I'm lucky enough to wear as my 'uniform' of sorts. Forced shopping is never a bad thing, really. We're also doing a fun new feature on the blog where each week someone new shares something they're loving right now. You can read mine here!