Our lovely little car doesn't have a port for music players, so we've been making mix CD's to listen to on our travels. You know, kicking it old school. It makes the process a lot more selective, since you can't just lump everything into one playlist. Every song counts when you've only got 19 space I've really only made one CD so far, but I plan on making a wider assortment, since at the moment our driving collection consists of the CD pictured, The Drums, and a ghetto compilation that I was given by some B-boys sometime last year which I then gave to Joshua as a joke. Unfortunately for me, he loves it.
We've visiting with my family today, which usually results in a lot of coffee, too many snacks and several hours of driving. I know I'll come home humming dirty filthy rap lyrics, but hopefully this will be offset by nicer tunes of my own choosing.