Favourite Things


I've been tagged by Lauren at La Maison to share a few of my favourite things. My lists tend to be on the long winded side and change on the regular, but at this point in time some of my favourite things include:
  • Mint Slice gelato compliments of Gelato Blue, Newtown. I think that having a slight crush on all of the staff members makes everything a whole lot tastier, but this ice cream still rocked my world.
  • Men who feel liberated enough to describe what a rhinoceros orgasm would sound like, on a train, in the middle of the day. He called it a rhinorjasm. Never had I pondered such things.
  • Busking boys that I see in a whole variety of locations - Central tunnel, my local supermarket, and playing evening sets at restaurants. Without being stereotypical here, think Snoop Dog crossed with Pharrel and then coupled with bongos. They're amazing.
  • Cafe breakfasts. The safest meal to eat out for - it's cheaper, it always seems fun and I've never had a breakfast I didn't enjoy (except for when I've made rice bubbles at home with sour milk). I'm currently addicted to banana bread. I felt very Martha Stewart when I was able to offer Priscila a fresh slice of banana bread with ricotta and honey. I feel like this makes up for the nights when I have cereal for dinner.
  • Ten cent Golden Books. My collection is growing, but mostly when I visit country op shops.
  • The good folk. My favourite favourites. I had some sad news this week which has made me all the more appreciative of my friends and family. Favourites that never go out of style!
Thanks for the tag, Lauren!