Animal Print Shop

Baby Raccoon No. 1Baby PorcupineBaby Deer

A self explanatory store name makes things so easy. The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose is full of, well, you can work it out. I've been gazing at her images for quite a while, and had been wishing for someone I know to be expecting. Wouldn't one of these photos just be so lovely in a baby room? Lamenting the lack of babies being born in my life (solely for the purpose of gifting them a baby animal print) I had resigned myself to putting my idea on hold.
A few days ago I had a delightful message from a friend of mine telling me he and his wife are going to be parents. I'm not sure which part is more exciting - my friend being a dad, or an excuse to buy a print.
The supportive friend in me knows it should be the baby part - but I think we all know which way I'm really leaning.