Tune Tuesday

My teachers at university are often telling us that we don't need to use every single good idea we have on the one project, that it's ok to do things simply and well and we'll get the chance to use the other ideas another time. This is loosely translated as 'Megan, just reign yourself in and stick with one element, it looks like someone ingested food dye and threw up on your page'.
Beyonce has clearly never heeded such advice, using every single retro inspired outfit she came across and making the most of every opportunity to prance about in minimal clothing - just incase this is the only 50's/60's inspired film clip she can ever do. Mechanics, gardening, bedroom sulking, maid outfits, baking, and general 'I'm Beyonce and get to do what I want'.
Can hardly blame her though - if I looked like her, I'd probably be wanting to do a pin-up video too. Heck, I would be wearing those shoes everywhere and if I couldn't walk in them, I'd just hire someone to carry me.