So Frenchy, So Cheap

Priscila, my friend who seems to spend most of her holidays jetting overseas, knows that when she comes back from these trips I'm always going to be thrilled to get paper presents. When she stopped over in France, she came back with a postcard with a print by Alfons Mucha. It's been on my 'inspiration wall' ever since.

I've wanted a glass cutting board for some time... my flatmate moved out and took all the fun things with her, including her cupcake covered cutting board. Since then it's been no couch and flimsy chopping boards.
Until today! 

I found a wonderful glass cutting board with the same Mucha print on it that I've loved for years - for a princely sum of $7.90 at the 'Excellent Price Variety Store'.

I'm still sans couch, but I'm one up in the chopping board department. I'm quite sure that Mucha never planned for his work to be used domestically, but in my humble opinion Art Noveau has never looked so good.