Made 590

I love finding new stores that are so full of fun things that you spend ages trying to think of all the birthdays that are coming up so you have an excuse to buy such frivolity.
I'd seen a particular something last December which I wanted to track down, turns out Made590 are the people that have it! I popped into the store last week and was blown away at how much I wanted to play with everything. Little deer and jackalopes that would look perfect at my house, clocks and lamps and all sorts of lovely. I was most excited for the framed Ryan Berkley illustrations. It took a whole lot of self control to not go wild in that store.
If you're less controlled than I, or maybe just don't get the guilts when you spend recklessly, I think you should definitely look at their online store for starters - but if you're in Newtown, go and see the store. It's worth the hike up the end of King Street and is full to the brim of beautiful things.