Finders Keepers 2010

Stall Sharers
Phew, what a busy weekend! Finders Keepers was downright wonderful. So many fantastic stalls and talented people! I was very well behaved and resisted spending all my money on pretty things. I relented only for a beautiful brooch from Corky Saint Clair. I'll share a photo of that one soon.
Thanks to all the lovely folk who came to visit myself and Matt, and for buying our crafted goods.
Oh, and a very special thank you for Joshua who was the most helpful of helpers.
If you were after something particular at the markets (notably the hair bows) keep an eye on my etsy store as I'm hoping to get busy making some new ones. If you have a special request (notably the pretty lady who wanted a large bow in the floral fabric) feel free to get in contact with me and we can sort something out for you!