Seven Things

I've been tagged by the lovely Two Tuesdays to share with you seven things about myself. How wonderfully narcissistic.

1. I have an addiction to television programs. Most recently it's been Entourage, but I've covered a full gamut - from Skins, The Gilmore Girls and The Office to Gossip Girl and Big Love. I somehow am more productive if I'm semi watching something.... ahem.

2. Officeworks makes me frisky. I think it's the thought of so much stationery in one room.

3. I often panic myself thinking about what I'll do when i finish my degree. As in, lie awake at night and then get up and make something creative before I can sleep kind of panic. I'm terrified of not being brilliant.

4. I have a fairly strong dislike for the colour purple. It's just really not for me. I have one dress that's an aubergine colour which I wear on occasion but other than that, I pretty much cannot stand it.

5. I often get congratulated on my hugging skills. I assume it's my ample bosom and relatively small stature that does it. It's not really something I can put on my resume, but if I could meet people with hugs like I can handshakes, I'd have a lot more insta-friends I'm sure.

6. I get compared to different celebrities a lot. While there are pretty ones from which I find comparisons quite flattering (Julia Stone, Meg White, Sarah Blasko, Katie Perry, Regina Spektor and, sigh, sometimes even Zooey) I've also had my best friend tell me my drivers license looks like Chris Lilley and that I speak like Hamish Blake when I tell stories. Not my proudest moments.

7. I love wedding blogs and photographs. For no reason other than I love the styled photos and the crafts they come up with are often just so genius that they can definitely be adapted to non-wedding occasions.

I think I'm meant to tag others... but hey, I'm lazy and lots of you have been tagged already. If you haven't, play along and leave a link in the comments so I can read wonderful things about you.
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