If ever I've experienced jealousy of a twenty-something year old, it's when listening to Jessica Hische talk about her incredible design work at Semi-Permanent last week.
Sure, she's worked pretty gosh-darn hard to get where she is, and her stuff is amazing - but it's hard not to let that green eyed monster pop it's head out while she bangs on about how working for Tiffany's paid her rent for 4 months straight. She worked that 'I'm a cute girl who swears' shtick to perfection, and I was completely smitten by the end of her presentation. She has a CMYK tattoo, and her web designer boyfriend has RGB. Goodness me. Does it get any better? She's like the Zooey Deschanel of typography.
Do yourself a favour and look at her work on her site and check out her Daily Drop Caps.

Other stellar speakers included Frankie magazine who only managed to make me love them even more - with their shyness and 'quiet aesthetics' and sweet matching socks and dresses.
Travis Millard and Mel Kadel made beer drinking before midday look acceptable by arriving on stage with a six-pack of Coopers and sharing pictures of their log-cabin-tree house construction that they live in. I never would have put gorgeous and grungy together in a sentence when describing a couple, but they were fairly badass and yet just so endearing.

There's an interesting recap of the conference over on Australian INFront with fun places to click if you want to see more. Yay for Semi-Perm.