I've got a bug. It's making me want to do things and reinvent entirely. I know it's to do with the early days of January and the promise they hold for many, but it makes me go a little bit insane. I suddenly want to chop off my hair and look effortlessly 'put together' every day of the week. All of a sudden, I need new clothes because I hate everything in my wardrobe.
I'm assuming it's just the January Itch, give it another week or two and I'll be back to my pre-2010 ways.
For now though, I'm trying to embrace it a little bit - part of this being in doing the things I say I should instead of leaving them for an eternity and despairing at things never getting done.

I bought new sheets. There is only so long you can get away with washing the ones Julie Baby bought for me when I was 15 and hoping they'll dry in time before they have to go back on the bed that night.
I mended the dress that had long been missing a button and needing some attention. 

I repaired a necklace. Stitched some other items, and made plans for other crafty endeavours in the coming months. Look at me go.
I also bought a can opener, as a move towards adult independence. Like the sheets from your mum, there's only so long you can borrow your neighbours can opener for before it becomes a bit of a bother.